Disney Wedding: Almost There

Disney Fairytale Wedding. Princess and the Frog inspired wedding by Atlanta event planner Injinnyous

Regal greens for a Princess and the Frog inspired wedding. The classical piping on the cake together with the jade looking color and the die-cut invitation scream, “I’m a princess!” Yes, you are! Can we take a minute to talk about the perfection of the model’s hair? That level of gorgeousness shouldn’t be allowed. Now, if there is a wedding where glow in the dark props could be used, this is definitely it! Can you see the green glow in the dark necklaces jumping up and down on the dance floor? Fun!

You are almost there, now take a breather and embrace a fairy tale come true.

Image credits: 1. Bride  2. Invite 3. Bridesmaid 4. Suit 5. Cake 6. Place Setting

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