Wedding Mood Board: 50’s Wifey-To-Be

Wedding Mood Board: 50s wifey to be. Atlanta event planner.

Ladylike chic! This bride is inspired by the 50’s era. Old time traditions and values are important to her. She has embraced femininity and has a flawless sense of style. This bride is a family girl at heart and as a “wifey- to-be” can’t wait to flaunt the actual Mrs. title.

The inspiration for this mood board is the always elegant and beautiful Grace Kelly. Mid century modern furniture, velvet, and modesty compliment the vision. I see this bride dancing the most romantic first dance to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way you Look Tonight”. If you feel brave, you can take dance lessons with your hubby to be and learn how to dance the foxtrot!

If you are looking for a decade…nt wedding you have come to the right place.

You can see the whole Pinterest board here.

Image credits: 1. Lounge 2. Bouquet 3. Table 4. Invitation 5. Groom 6. Bridesmaid 7. Wedding gown

Wedding Mood Board: Chained Hearts

Wedding Mood Board: Chained Hearts - Rocker bride

This bride rocks! Pun intended here. She is no groupie. This bride is confident and stays true to who she is. She is not fighting for her right to party. Her partners in crime (bridesmaids) know that she is all about freedom and self expression and adore her for it. They know that their friend is fun so they are willingly ready to rock a black leather dress for her.

The classy rock & roll Chained Hearts theme is carried out throughout the event in a hip and elegant way with the always elegant black, white, and gold color palette. After all if it is a rock & roll theme we need to have metal, right? Chains in the decor bring this theme to the center stage.

It’s time to party like a rock star!

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Image credits: 1. Groom 2. Cake 3. Bridesmaid 4. Place setting 5. Invitation 6. Gown

Wedding Mood Board: Marvelous Marble

Wedding Mood Board Marvelous Marbles

Just like crystallized limestone, this bride is polished, refined, and elegant. She is not afraid of taking chances to modernize the classic and luxurious feel of marble. This bride likes to command attention and wants all eyes on her. She accomplishes this by wearing a copper color gown and by dressing her bridesmaids in the cool marble fabric. Bridesmaids outfits are styled with copper colored shoes to create cohesion and for the unexpected, but fun touch.

The coolness of the marble is contrasted with warm copper metal details throughout the venue to create a more welcoming atmosphere for her guests.

Time to crystallize your wedding vision.

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Image credits: 1. Gown 2. Table 3. Boutonniere 4. Marble Table 5. Bridesmaid Dress 6. Cake 7. Shoes 8. Hot Cocoa


Wedding Mood Board: Irene’s Butterflies

wedding mood board: white gray butterflies in Atlanta

This week marks the 6th anniversary of my mom’s passing. I have been thinking about her a lot lately. I struggled a bit with the idea of doing this post, my rational business mind fought my emotional personal side. Most people will tell you not to mix emotions with business, but I thought to myself, “I am in the business of emotions. If I can’t connect on an emotional level with people, how am I suppose to create something unique?

I decided to pay tribute to her life in the best way I know how, by designing. My mom was very creative and had amazing taste. She was mixing patterns with her furniture way before mixing out of the box patterns became popular. In Puerto Rico, we have a saying: “Lo que se hereda no se hurta” (best way of saying it in English: “It’s in the blood”). I guess you now know where I get my fascination with mixing patterns.

When I finally decided that I was going to do this post, I knew immediately that butterflies were going to take the center stage. She loved butterflies! The color palette was created to match her strong spirit and light soul. The overall design and aesthetic for this wedding is my rendition of a cloudy AND very elegant heaven. 🙂

White butterflies for an angel in heaven!  We miss you mom.

You too can transform your ideas into a heavenly vision.

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Image credits: 1. Gown 2. Gobos 3. Butterfly bout 4. Cake 5. Table 6. Linens

Mood Board: Candy Corn Inspired Halloween Party

Halloween Mood Board: Candy Corn Inspired Halloween Party

In my last post I shared that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but what I left out was that my favorite Halloween candy growing up was candy corn. I guess that when you are young and your palette has yet to develop simple flavors are the best. 🙂

In any case, in the spirit of Halloween I wanted to create a mood board inspired on my favorite childhood candy. Now let me share a secret with you, quite often I start with an idea that evolves into something completely different by the time I’m done. Most designers and artists will tell you the same. If you visit the complete Pinterest board here you will see that I pinned items for both styles before I decided to go with the more traditional look. I started with a modern style and the color palette I thought I wanted (orange, yellow and white) and ended up with a traditional style and a yellow, orange, silver, and black color palette. It wasn’t intentional, it is just where the tablecloth find took me. It was an instant attraction.

Except for the pillows, all of the items selected are rentals. I like to stay in the know of the new inventory that the different vendors bring, so exercises like this help me find new things. What I like about this design is that even though it has the candy corn colors it is still very elegant and it has a luxurious feel to it. Let’s party!

Image credits: 1. Centerpiece 2. Tablecloths and napkin 3. Charger 4. Sofa 5. Pillow #1  6. Pillow #2 7. Candelabra

Wedding Mood Board: Corpse Bride Inspired Halloween Wedding

Wedding Mood Board: Halloween Corpse Bride Atlanta Event Planning

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite holidays is Halloween. Halloween is that one day of the year where pretty much anything goes. Exaggeration, taboos, political correctness is all ignored in the name of having fun. I’m assuming that if you have chosen October 31st as your wedding day, you are an out there bride and I’m already in love with you!

For this bride it is all about the drama of the event. She wants to have fun and wants her guests to enjoy themselves by creating a light atmosphere. No, it’s not an oxymoron. You can create a light atmosphere in a somber setting due to the nature of the holiday.

The inspiration for this wedding is the Tim Burton’s animated movie, The Corpse Bride. It is a beautiful story about true love, kindness, and selflessness. Victor’s (main character) wedding vows are absolutely lovely. Any bride would want her groom to recite those to her.  I can also see a bride walking down the aisle to Victor’s piano solo. It sounds a bit like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, so you know it will melt everybody’s hearts. I envision this wedding in an old mansion with dark wood paneling and glorious wood staircases and chandeliers.

This wedding also works well for a Gothic bride with very traditional parents as she can give her parents the conservative wedding they are looking for, while incorporating her style in a tasteful way. What a super fun wedding!

Don’t let your wedding planning details waste away and die.

You can see the whole Pinterest board here.

Image credits: 1. Centerpiece 2. Gown 3. Escort cards 4. Votives 5. Skull planter 6. Engagement ring 7. Groom’s ring 8. Bridesmaids 9. Cake

Wedding Mood Board: Garden Sophistication

Wedding Mood Board: Garden Sophistication

This is not your typical grandma’s garden wedding. This mood board proves that a garden wedding can have a very sophisticated aesthetic. This bride is feminine, modern, stylish, and looking for an intimate celebration. I see this wedding in a private residence with a beautiful and well kept garden.

Iron chandeliers are brought to life with flowers. The burst of colors from the flowers lead the eye to the iron lines. The sheen and textures of the organza and satin tablecloths create a perfect contrast against the iron centerpieces and provide an air of sophistication and elegance. Cast iron benches with colorful pillows provide the most marvelous seating for the intimate ceremony and are used later as lounge areas.

This bride is keeping her guest count low, so she can indulge in the sophisticated details she has always dreamed of. A gourmet dinner menu using high quality ingredients is of utmost importance to her. Not sure why but a Wagyu beef tenderloin with a Bordelaise reduction, Robuchon potatoes and sauteed organic spinach sounds about right as a main course. What do you think?

Allow your garden wedding to bloom.

Please refer to my Pinterest board here for more ideas.

Image Credits: 1. Gown 2. Iron chandelier 3. Invitation 4. Suit 5. Tablecloth #1 6. Tablecloth #2     7. Bridesmaid 8. Cake

Wedding Mood Board: Celebrating with Bubbles

Wedding Mood Board Celebrating with Bubbles

All of the details for this wedding were carefully selected to represent the luxury of a nice champagne bottle. A very subtle color palette with champagne, gold and white give this wedding an opulent aesthetic. Satin, round crystals, and pearls reinforce the refined affair.

This bride is elegant, contemporary, and stylish. I envision this wedding at a sumptuous hotel with a lavish menu. Oysters, caviar, and champagne! Yes, please!

Time for a toast!

To see more ideas go to my Pinterest mood board here.

Image Credits: 1. Gown 2. Bouquet 3. Cotton Candy 4. Sideboard 5. Crystals 6. Invitations 7. Tie  8. Votives

Wedding Mood Board: Gingham and Lace

Wedding Mood Board: Gingham and Lace

I know what you are thinking, gingham is not something you would think of for a wedding but…

I have been thinking of gingham for a wedding for over 2 years now. Two years ago I thought: “people are not ready for gingham, they will associate it to the Wizard of Oz”, so I moved on (although the idea remained in the back of my mind). Then Spring 2015 Fashion Week happened and I could not believe my eyes. Altuzarra, Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg, and Oscar de la Renta (among others) showed their amazing gingham designs and I thought: “Jinny, they are finally ready!”

In my mind, this particular wedding takes place in a concrete loft (industrial look with gray hues). I see tables with gingham linens and crisp white runners and overlays. Mercury and milk glass accessories help bridge the romance and elegance of lace with the casual fun of gingham. Peonies, Jeanne Moreau garden roses, Silver Brunia and Dusty Miller on the tables. Elderflower white cosmopolitans as the signature drink. What a sight!

Have you laced up all your wedding details yet?

To see the whole Pinterest board go here.

Image credits: 1. Bouquet 2. Cake 3. Wedding gown 4. Bridesmaid dress 5. Shoes 6. Gift 7. Place setting

Tips to Source Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Materials

Tips to Source Gift Wrapping Materials -

I have two teen daughters. The older one is 15 almost 16 and the youngest one is 14 years old. They are now at that age where all of their friends are either having quinceañeros or sweet sixteen parties.  Yep! That means lots of gift shopping and wrapping.

If you are anything like me, your main goal is going to be to please the birthday girl while at the same time not putting a hole in your pocket the size of China.  I like to present nicely wrapped gifts not only because it makes the person feel special, but because gift wrapping allows me to be creative. Nope, I am not the mom that can put a gift in a bag with some tissue paper and out you go. I have to over complicate things and come up with something different. If the birthday girl tells my daughter that it is so pretty that they don’t want to open it,  I feel accomplished.


However, if you are not resourceful, gift wrapping can certainly add up and mess up your budget. Contrary to popular belief (my husband thinks I spend a fortune), I don’t spend a lot of money on the actual gift wrap. I thought I would share with you some of my material sourcing tips:

1. Be organized – I have collected through the years a lot of ribbon, paper, fabric, knick knacks, etc. from my girls’ school events. Like any other school kid they always have some sort of project going on, from Valentine’s Day favors to costumes for their musicals. Organization is key for two reasons, one it will help you remember what you have on hand, so you don’t have to buy again and two because you will always know where to go for a button (button jar) or a ribbon (ribbon basket or baskets in my case).

2. Anticipate – Why pay full price for a pink or red ribbon if you can pay almost nothing for it after Valentine’s Day or a nice pastel color ribbon after Easter? A pretty pastel yellow or blue can be used for a baby shower later. Who cares if the ribbon has hearts or the word love on it. Love is an all year long sentiment you know.

2. Know where to shop

My money saving favorites are:

Marshall’s – Gift wrap paper with nice designs and usually great quality (thicker). They have pretty tissue paper and every now and then you can find ribbon and other decor supplies at a good price from the clearance section.

Dollar Tree – Ribbon, tulle, tape, boxes, unusual containers. All for the fabulous price of $1.

Goodwill – Favorite place for inexpensive baskets and craft materials from people that decided to quit their hobbies (ex. yarn).

Walmart – You can find pretty much everything (glue, paint, jewels, ribbon, fabric, glitter, etc.) when you are on a bind because you didn’t do your homework and stocked up in other places while the supplies were on sale. Their clearance section is pretty good to.

Flea market – Buttons, jewelry, fabric, weird materials, etc.

Target – Pretty labels and embellishments in the $1.00 – $3.00 section at the front of the store.

3. No such thing as overage – I don’t throw away fabric, paper or ribbon. Even if you have only a couple of inches from your project left, keep it. You can do a loop for a bow or cut a strip to add an accent to a gift tag.

4. Deconstruct – We all have clothes, shoes or purses that we don’t need or like anymore and that are ready to be trashed. Have you looked at those things with a different set of eyes? Maybe they don’t fit anymore or are out of style, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t remove nice buttons, strings or jewels, cut a couple of swatches of fabric if it has a nice design or cut a nice pocket from a pair of old pants or shirt. The flea market and the Dollar Tree are my favorite places to let myself go in terms of deconstruction. The idea is to find inexpensive items that you can break to use its individual parts. I have bought dollar tree dish sponges only to break them and use the mesh! Check my daughter’s blog here for a picture of the dish sponge headband I did for her Little Mermaid’s musical.

4. Containers  You don’t always have to put the gift in a box. I have used in the past candy dispensers and butterfly nets from the Dollar Tree to use as containers for gifts. See them here and here.  When it comes to containers the only constraint is your imagination.

5. Take a walk – Literally some of my best ideas I have gotten while walking around the neighborhood. A pretty leaf or rock can be used as an accent in its natural way or changed with paint or covered with something. The combinations are literally infinite and the best part is that they are free!

The materials for this gift:

  • The paper I bought at Marshall’s for a wedding a couple of months ago. The grey paisley motif with tones of silver is very  elegant by itself but it can take a more juvenile appearance when you add a plaid pattern and some pink. What girl doesn’t like pink?
  • All of the ribbons are scrap from other projects, to the point that I couldn’t event cut the ends nicely as they were the last of it. The stress!
  • The butterfly and chain came from an old blouse during a spring cleaning. I added the center jewel to the butterfly to give it a bit more of a pop. The jewel I also already had from an old Halloween costume.
  • The tag is a plain manila shipping tag that I applied black glitter to. Both the tags and the glitter I had from one of the girls’ s birthday parties.

Cost of wrapping the present: $0.00. I am a very happy lady.

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