Wedding Mood Board: Daffodils, Denim, and Doves

Wedding Mood board: Denim, Daffodils, and Doves Denim is in! I guess denim has always been in, as it is a staple on everyone’s closet (at least in Puerto Rico where I grew up). In this case, I am referring to denim on denim style. My Pinterest feed is full of pictures of models wearing chambray or denim shirts with jeans, so I figured why not a denim inspired wedding?

No, denim does not have to look cheap or tacky and it can be done quite tastefully.  As a matter of fact, if you notice in the mood board the inspiration is denim but the materials are not actually denim. They are cottons with indigo shades.

Here in Georgia we are surrounded with 1,001 barn venues! All sorts of price points depending on what they include and location. You can refer to my Pinterest board Georgia Venues here for ideas. In any case, I thought that a denim barn wedding in the spring would be fitting  both for Georgia and for a budget conscientious bride. White daffodils will not break your bank and in my opinion is an underutilized flower. Your arrangements can be done entirely of daffodils or in combination with white anemones and/or blue thistle to add more depth and texture. See below. Your budget, your decision. 🙂

blue thistle and anemones

This inspiration wedding is casual yet elegant. A touch of modern here and a pinch of vintage there, this wedding will be remembered by all! 

To see the whole Pinterest board go here.

Image credits: 1. Dove canopy 2.  Watercolor heart art print 3. Pillows 4. Blue velvet cake 5. Cake 6. Dove ornament 7. Wedding dress 8. Daffodils 9. Place setting 10. Invitation


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